A week in Tweets: 19-25 June 2011

Yep, another somewhat-delayed collection of Tweets and links. Usual categories, of course, after the inevitable (and necessary) ‘Read more…’ link.

Enterprise-architecture and all that business-ish big-picture stuff:

  • CreatvEmergence: RT @sheriherndon: “Complicated” is essentially mechanical. “Complex” is essentially relational. Complicated is about acting on. “Complex” is about acting with.
  • DavidGurteen: TheAWL: Wikipedia And The Death Of The Expert http://bit.ly/mvhnxD #KM >long but worth it for discussion of governance in an emergent-opinion context
  • thoughttrans: Never use fear to promote the value of #entarch. It raises too many walls to prevent success. >strong agree
  • gotze: Strong lineup for our book on #systemsthinking in #entarch http://j.mp/eastbook Want to contribute? >go for it, EAs!
  • vernaallee: RT @rolandharwood: Open Business Models – where are you on the spiral and what have we missed? From the @100open blog: http://bit.ly/jlj9vf >viewed a different way, this is a very good description of how possession-based economies destroy opportunities to create value… #society #economics #entarch
  • vernaallee: RT @sly: What #crowdsourcing really means and why we shouldn’t like it http://ow.ly/5lb7h #p2p : open value networks will replace closed hierarchies
  • BillIves: RT @GeorgeDearing: pretty convincing..the death of the industry analyst http://zite.to/itECsj >good questions about the business-model for IT-analysts themselves…
  • vernaallee: How do Social Networks Create Value? By activating roles! http://bit.ly/l7KUGj >roles + deliverables #entarch
  • DavidGurteen: Independent Author Sells 1 Million Ebooks via Amazon http://on.mash.to/iPiGxC #bmgen
  • EAatWork: RT @adraffin @EAatWork good book for #bizarch < I’m about to read it: The Personal MBA < business from the ground up. < Thanks
  • DavidGurteen: Feedback Loops Are Changing What People Do http://bit.ly/lOpdpS /excellent article >recommend #bmgen #entarch
  • KMskunkworks: Scenario planning to enable adaptive capacity // scenario planing = adaptive capacity = resilience http://bit.ly/jk6iM8
  • business_design: Interesting! RT @HarvardBiz: Making Your Strategy More Relevant http://s.hbr.org/kjMdMr >useful challenge to the usual limited assumptions about the business role of strategy #bizarch #entarch
  • iCMGIndia: RT @TOGAF_SUPPORT: A quote from one of the founders of EFF Mitch Kapor…Architecture is Politics….absolutely !! >yes!
  • business_design: Interesting take RT @hnshah: Apple’s SaaS: Software as a Soul http://tcrn.ch/iHvU2k /by @parislemon >intersection of #bizarch and #entarch
  • thoughttrans: Why is it every #entarch discussion I hear in big corporations #bizarch is discussed as a minor to #itarch! >still?? bah! 🙁
  • thoughttrans: RT @thisissethsblog: Seth’s Blog: Adopt vs. adapt http://bit.ly/lpamMd <is this the problem #EAarch ‘s are having so much trouble? >probably… 🙁
  • j_watt: RT @estherderby: the advantage of a trust culture over a power culture is the ability…to appreciate other ppl’s circumstances & POVs. >yes, definitely. #orgarch #entarch
  • chrisdpotts: “The traditional enterprise architect, whose role is to organize technology to meet business goals”. Traditional, maybe. #entarch, not. http://bit.ly/iXsYnd >strong agree, Chris
  • jdevoo: RT @Competia: Research In Motion’s Plunge a Failure of Corporate Governance #corpgov by R. Finlay http://ow.ly/5mJiZ #bizarch
  • chrisdpotts: How to confuse everyone, especially executives:  list Business Architect as an IT job. #entarch #bizarch // Along the same lines as #bizarch and #entarch, I know of many people in IT departments who do not have an IT job. #CIO // So, there are many IT jobs outside the IT function, and many non-IT jobs in the IT function. Sounds like strategy in the making. // When there’s more IT-related action outside the IT function than inside, it’s time to join the party. #CIO
  • business_design: For Business Architects! RT @vandom: Business Model Canvas in ARIS Business Strategy: How to – http://goo.gl/t7paV @business_design
  • kdierc: @RT @gotze: Gøtze’s Enterprise Summer School, Denmark 1-5 Aug. Patrick Hoverstadt, Sally Bean, … #entarch http://bit.ly/janc0f
  • Bonifer: ‘ERGO Your Idea: Why game structure is vital to networked business models’ http://bit.ly/k9kR7a #gamechangers >ERGO = Environment, Roles, Guidelines, Objectives #bizarch
  • greblhad: <post> Enabling the BMC with the power of Q #bmgen #bizarch #entarch http://wp.me/p7ejN-bs >recommend re Business Model Canvas
  • taotwit: Good point, can we be a bit more specific on BV and say Value of improved revenue, avoided cost or improved service (IRACIS)? >important distinctions… #bizarch #entarch
  • bergmart: Here you can find Marlies van Steenbergen her thesis http://twurl.nl/p84xcy [PDF] #entarch >EA Maturity: 250+pgs, but recommend!
  • EAatWork: RT @itworks Advantage of having end users in our #BPMN training, we hear about new (free) tools: Adonis http://ow.ly/1u02fx
  • practicingEA: Do we really need governance? Jeff Scott, Tom Graves and others discuss http://bit.ly/iVq9eR on #Forrester EA Community forum. #entarch
  • chrisdpotts: @ironick Worse, some execs have strong aversion to “#entarch” coz it’s neither ent nor arch. If it was, it would resonate.
  • ironick: If u liked my @tom_peters tweets from #GartnerEA get his full slide deck here: http://bit.ly/m35qDo #entarch #designthinking #hybridthinking >includes link to longer version of keynote presentation
  • thinksmith: What a production: www.ourchoiceapp.com – excited to see good talent + budgets doing great work with purpose. #publishing
  • business_design: A great business model [also] describes what NOT to do. It has a clear story. A story that should NOT be compromised! #bmgen
  • SianVanEs: @tetradian on #entarch: I find many execs want a ROI on EntArch. Not knowing the Enterprise is expensive. EntArch leads to better Analysis
  • vernaallee: RT @ebonstorm: Innovation is part of a cultural phenomenon. When your culture has to do more with less, innovation is one of the results. #innochat
  • practicingEA: Until your business is ready for it, EDM/EIM is a waste of #entarch time http://bit.ly/l0zWeB. Opinions? >begin w #bizarch
  • nickmalik: [Podcast] How Microsoft IT does Enterprise Architecture http://bit.ly/kZYgmN #entarch >useful 7min intro (not IT-centric)
  • mikejwalker: CIO’s Must Make Enterprise Architecture a First Class Citizen http://bit.ly/iY7LJL #entarch #cio #bizarch
  • vernaallee: RT @rachelbotsman: Rowling ditches agents & publishing houses and goes straight to fans with e-book. A big wake-up call for industry. http://bit.ly/mOVXi8 #bmgen #bizarch
  • Bonifer: The difference between a poor game and a rich game? One word.  http://bit.ly/ijx4vE #gamechangers #bizarch
  • aojensen: Working on my systemic-semiotic view of the enterprise: architecture as systems and signs. #semiotics #entarch >ent. as story?
  • blomr: RT @DaniloTic via @tor @rgmcgrath: Finding Opportunities in Business Model Innovation: http://bit.ly/iYg1EW #bmgen #bizarch
  • chrisdpotts: Your company doesn’t have an app on my iPhone. Your company is an app on my iPhone. #CIO #entarch #bizarch #bizecology
  • chrisdpotts: “Only 35% of CFOs view IT as being a strategic driver of business performance” http://bit.ly/mEkRYi via @roidude // If 35% of CFOs see IT driving business performance, do the other 65% need some new lenses? #CIO // Whether or not the #CFO sees the strategic value of the #CIO, it’s the #CEO that needs to see it most. // I’ve known #CIOs report to the #CFO for operations, but the #CEO for strategy.
  • jdevoo: RT @Competia @cyril_bouquet: Strategy: Nice collection of #innovation articles by MIT Sloan http://sloanreview.mit.edu/special-report/innovation/ @IMD_Bschool
  • nickmalik: Until it is adopted, #architecture is just art. We stand back & marvel, and move on #entarch >adoption is key…
  • CreatvEmergence: Yes to biz models that honor white space! RT @Jabaldaia Creativity is a set of experiments in a white space http://bit.ly/mBQ7Gq #bmgen #bizarch #designthinking
  • aojensen: RT @krismeukens: [post] Architecture is Fractal in Nature: http://wp.me/pFFUo-fn #architecture >holographic view in #entarch
  • taotwit: Seeing more EA work coming up – is this a trend? Are business’s trying to get their house-in-order? >hope so! 🙂 #bizarch #entarch
  • SianVanEs: @tetradian @taotwit Im seeing #entarch used to understand enterprise, then optimise services – consumed and provided to drive down costs
  • DavidGurteen: Quotation: It’s not the economy – it’s the biosphere by Carl Folke http://bit.ly/kJ4ZUL #KM >foundation-stone of all #entarch…
  • blomr: ‘Working on usage of Biz Model Canvas in reln to other arch models’ >cf Appendix.B in my ‘Mapping the Enterprise’? http://bit.ly/gwMVBG
  • greblhad: <post> Sponsoring checklist http://wp.me/p7ejN-bD >v.useful – really straightforward checklist, equally applies to sponsoring #entarch etc
  • vernaallee: RT @fabianszulanski: @valuenetworks See also this Karl Erik Sveiby short article http://bit.ly/iIIS0i #bmgen #intangible

Business-narrative, story, creativity, leadership and anything to do with in-person collaboration:

  • DavidGurteen: Blog Post: Think for yourself about KM http://bit.ly/m77EJT #KM >exact same applies in #entarch etc
  • DavidGurteen: The Era of the Global Individual http://bit.ly/m02q0r >a new context for ‘think globally, act locally’? #km #collab
  • unorder: RT @kevinsbishop: Anecdote: The problem with ‘motivational speakers’ http://bit.ly/javnmX
  • greblhad: Think “Values”, design “Experiences”, bring “Meaning” to the lives of everyone – Happy People Business mantra #1
  • DavidGurteen: Balancing Act: Doing KM in and Above the Flow of Work http://bit.ly/la5waS #KM
  • hvaelama: high sense of control, high demand, high support=best performance ; low sense of control, high demand, low support=worst performance // Too little pressure = rust-out, right pressure =#well-being and high performance, too much pressure = burn-out #collab #bpm #entarch
  • KMskunkworks: “KM is dead!  Long live knowledge!” Inside Knowledge June/July 2011 Vol 14(9) http://wp.me/pUfyy-6V >ditto for #entarch
  • DavidGurteen: Small Cities Feed the Knowledge Economy http://bit.ly/iK6QRW >how real-architecture meets #entarch etc?
  • joyce_hostyn: interviewing as listening http://bit.ly/jAfK4d [new post] >also for stakeholder-engagement in #entarch etc
  • SystemsWiki: Bateson’s Levels Of Learning: A Framework For Transformative Learning? [PDF] http://bit.ly/j1J7tE
  • joyce_hostyn: employee engagement is about meaning NOT autonomy, feedback or transformational leadership http://is.gd/QGM4OF via @unorder
  • unorder: “Stories are essentially humanity’s zip files” Cynthia Kurtz http://j.mp/iPfrUk >always great insights from Cynthia re #bizstory #storytelling etc
  • CreatvEmergence: The 21st century workplace: moving to the edge by @jharche http://bit.ly/kLg3yR via @vivmw #Gathering11 >nice usage of a Cynefin-like stack
  • getstoried: RT @MattKnisely: Telling A Story Amidst Chaos: http://www.goo.gl/oWP7d #photographytips #storytelling >excellent eye for a story – juxtaposition and absurdity
  • DavidGurteen: There is no such thing as a social media strategy. http://bit.ly/jjAClw /Nor a KM one #KM >strong agree #entarch
  • vernaallee: RT @rossdawson: From @IFTF: Ten Skills for the Future Workforce [PDF] http://bit.ly/l1VFjS via @ariegoldshlager >useful.
  • PascalDussart: integrating the #entarch and #bpm disciplines is hard. start with aligning the involved practitioners. aligning the models comes later
  • jdevoo: Unconferencing for facilitating the adoption of sustainability practices: a case of co-creation at the ETH in Zurich http://bit.ly/jdJ7J3 #collab
  • vernaallee: RT @petervan: Heart of Innovation: The Idiot’s Guide to Launching Successful Innovation Task Forces http://zite.to/lWSYag via @Ziteapp #collab #innovation
  • DavidGurteen: As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do. Dale Carnegie http://bit.ly/catmRA >strong agree

Much the same in online form and for online-collaboration:

  • chrisdpotts: RT @dhinchcliffe: RT @elsua: #e2conf great quote: #socbiz isn’t going to change culture, it will expose it! | me: latter leads to former
  • oscarberg: Enterprise Collaboration: Start Celebrating Adoption, Not Deployment http://bit.ly/iq4S7b #e20 #adoption
  • oscarberg: First Do No Harm: How Social CRM Can Be a Trap http://bit.ly/jDukxK by @rhappe #scrm #communities
  • j_watt: RT @daveixd: #dLink The Future of Interaction Design Is Born From A Car For The Blind http://bit.ly/lUq0hS #ux
  • KMskunkworks: RT @businessbuzz00: Why do knowledge management information systems fail? #business #IT http://dld.bz/4yww Good read! #KCube
  • oscarberg: RT @elsua: #e2conf wish we would move away from “best practices” into good or next practices, into a new century! < +1 >I need to do a blog-post on this…
  • thoughttrans: RT @briansolis: Is Your Business Antisocial? http://bit.ly/kDA2WR #entarch #bizarch >useful questions from Brian Solis on #socbiz etc
  • chrisdpotts: RT @forrester: RT @AdAge Why CMOs Must Learn to Understand the Customer Experience Ecosystem (by @kerrybodine) http://goo.gl/fb/hXwWr #CXP11
  • livsystems; RT @userfocus: The UK train ticket, redesigned for usability. http://bit.ly/iSZBmB (via @FionaJoseph)
  • oscarberg: RT @sprabu: The real reason why business should adopt Enterprise 2.0 tools http://bit.ly/a8PpLC < In one word: exceptions #e20 #socbiz
  • joyce_hostyn: a successful social strategy: tell the right story, to the right group, & tell is well (use social objects) http://slidesha.re/ivf9SL // “saying ‘like me on facebook’ isn’t a story – it’s asking a favor from somebody you should be helping”

IT-architecture and IT-related themes in general:

  • thoughttrans: I love the cloud concept. I just want some protection from the thunderstorms when mis-managed. #itarch #entarch
  • mikeburke: Looking for solid, worked examples of #archimate models in public domain. Can only find simplistic examples. Anyone? #entarch
  • EAatWork: @mikeburke take a look at http://www.eaatwork.be If you have a good idea for a case, let me know #archimate
  • jdevoo: RT @jenniferwoofter: Love this idea!! Developers: augment our environmental senses! http://bit.ly/jKZSa6 via @cjsequeira
  • toddbiske: RT @madgreek65: Building Enterprise Solutions in the Cloud http://goo.gl/fb/Gbtu1 #itarch #entarch
  • practicingEA: Enterprise data management may never solve your data woes http://bit.ly/l0zWeB #itarch #entarch #Forrester
  • EAatWork: [Post] Usage of application interfaces for various stakeholders http://tinyurl.com/eaatwork-application-interface #archimate #entarch >useful how-to for a specific modelling-need in #itarch (mostly)
  • EAatWork: Nice complete example of #archimate http://bit.ly/m2baAH created with @BizzDesign Architect >useful metamodel example #entarch
  • kdierc: RT @drfonz: Brilliant definition of Cloud by @easyJet Chief Architect at #ccwf “Putting systems that you care about on an infrastructure that you don’t” >nice definition, but still no acknowledgement of risks of ‘…that you don’t [care about]’…
  • chrisdpotts: “The core of the problem with IT is the IT function itself” [PDF][2010] http://bit.ly/majyVz #CIO #entarch #bizarch
  • theopengroup: “He who does not understand history…” http://nblo.gs/jvd8K >important warning for #itarch #entarch etc
  • adrianrcampbell: Selling the new #EntArch http://bit.ly/iKQpDS #BizArch >almost all #itarch, @Bard pushing for real-EA, but that’s it: sigh…
  • davidsprott: does a #Cloud Maturity Model make sense? Integrated with an #SOA Model it does. Checkout my research note at http://tinyurl.com/6kqlhhj >solid #itarch, with no pretence that it ‘is’ #entarch – great!
  • BillIves: Pentagon Gets Cyberwar Guidelines http://abcn.ws/mfj3tp #e2conf #itarch
  • practicingEA: James Mcgovern and I discuss sticky tech decisions impacting EA http://bit.ly/kjLDv2 #Forrester #entarch #itarch
  • theopengroup: RT @masrod: Enterprise Architecture: Moving From Chaos To Business Value http://onforb.es/kG4DVy via @forbes @theopengroup @danwoodscito >oddly uninspiring, to be honest… still way too IT-centric, strangely dispiriting… oh well…
  • theopengroup: Three-part series on #EA by @danwoodscito for @Forbes, featuring The Open Group: http://onforb.es/mLc63f http://onforb.es/kNSNox http://j.mp/kFaoxS >completely IT-centric, as usual (though Len Fehskens certainly isn’t), but useful anyway
  • rtolido: InformationWeek: 10 Lessons In IT Strategy From Ex-HP CIO Randy Mott http://twb.io/miISIv >useful #entarch #itarch
  • aojensen: RT @krismeukens: didn’t know yet that the CMU SEI, that I value highly, has started blogging http://blog.sei.cmu.edu.  A work-related search revealed that today. #itarch #entarch
  • davidsprott: CIOs say #applicationmodernization is a huge obstacle – legacy apps the biggest barrier to using #cloud computing.  http://sns.mx/k0dNy6 >useful realism on #cloud #itarch #entarch
  • florian__: Thought provoking: RT @mory_diane #Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus http://bit.ly/mdTJdI
  • rtolido: “dont’ ask, don’t tell”: an excellent Gartner analysis of Public Cloud use by government http://bit.ly/lpFeyv #itarch
  • basvg: RT @enhendrickson11: ArchiMate got quite a few things right: clear, concise, and complete. Less software-oriented  than UML and less process-specific than BPMN. >agreed. what it didn’t get right was the usual ‘EA’ over-emphasis on ‘IT vs everything else’ – there’s still a long way to go to correct this, but at least it’s going in the right direction

The human ‘big-picture’, seen as society, culture, economics, social-responsibility and suchlike:

  • hvaelama: Is information society really meaningfull term, if information is a radically disembodied abstract invention of the human mind? #wellbeing // The discourse concerning #wellbeing must begin to emphasize being rather than data/information // Interesting view by Stefano Bartolini, University of Siena,Buying Alone. Shifting Society from Money to #Well-Being
  • DavidGurteen: RT @ChrisGreenBean: 85% of youths in prison grew up in fatherless homes. I’d say our role as fathers is crucial to our kids AND society. >yup. and isn’t it interesting that so much of the business world and the feminist movement both seek to prevent fathers’ engagement or involvement in children’s lives… 🙁
  • hvaelama: Robert Kennedy was so right about stupidity of GDP measurements http://www.nationalaccountsofwellbeing.org/ #society #economics
  • hvaelama: Great humanistic #well-being thinker and practioner http://www.maureen.ohara.net/ – really nice to work with you on conceptual emergency // Conceptual emergency and three main types of cultural response: • Denial • Nihilism • Transformational from dis-ease to #well-being
  • ironick: Sign that US healthcare is profoundly broken–man robs bank of $1 so he can go to jail to get adequate healthcare: http://tnw.co/kV2sj3 >yikes… #society #culture #economics
  • j_watt: long but awsome RT @semanticwill: Art and the Semiotics of Images: Three Questions About Visual Meaning http://j.mp/iVKdn1 [Semiotics]
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @curtisogden: “Living systems aren’t just about buildings and things. The people who work on them are regenerated, also.” http://bit.ly/cG1Eh7
  • Bebela239: Understanding BR accent – training session – http://bit.ly/mrUZ9F :o)
  • >the Brazilian panther – one of the classic spots from Aardman’s Oscar-winning ‘Creature Comforts’! 🙂
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @Gathering11: RT @katemural: Transitioning towards an economy of meaning http://bit.ly/mPq6lW #Gathering11 via @mbauwens
  • DavidGurteen: It’s Not The Economy, Stupid!  http://bit.ly/lMFR6G #society #culture #economics
  • SAlhir: RT @bizshrink @GwynT: @bizshrink’s new post, “Paradgm Shift & The Paradox of Power”. Pls watch video. well worth it. http://bit.ly/iSalyd #society #culture #economics
  • jdevoo: We said, we have, we won’t, we will: Vodafone’s materiality shift http://j.mp/ieCplt #CSR
  • florian__: immigration, assimilation, biculturalism – lots of great points: RT @Jordane: My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant http://nyti.ms/lXmdB9 (NYT) #society #culture
  • SAlhir: RT @Richard_Florida: Managers v. Capitalists v, The Rest of Us –  @illwilkinson in @TheEconomist – http://econ.st/ml8160 #society #culture #economics

And how could one possibly forget the panegyric pantechnicon of uncategorized delights?

  • CreatvEmergence: Fascinating invention http://ow.ly/1tTOrH >lovely ‘walking machines’ (saw this on a TED video sometime back…?)
  • SystemsWiki: Insight Maker, My preferred utility for drawing system diagrams and doing simulations, and it’s FREE! http://bit.ly/mpf4ud
  • DavidGurteen: Blog Post: Dropbox http://bit.ly/mNnyrR #KM >fast becoming essential for my work, too
  • joemckendrick: RT @yourdon The awful fate that New Yorkers worry about… http://yfrog.com/kk6qaapj <They should get a prize for most hilarious adverts! #culture
  • DavidGurteen: RT @C4LPT: Top 100 apps – the definitive guide http://bit.ly/kz9kzj via @smh_news >quite a few that I didn’t know here – though some are Aus-specific, of course
  • thoughttrans: Playing with #stupeflix video. easy 2 create vid from pics (or video). free when < 1 min. here is Scarlet, the foodie! http://ow.ly/5lQH6
  • getstoried: RT @brainpicker: Reinventing the alphabet book – 4 wonderfully creative takes http://j.mp/hHsqbM >fun!
  • business_design: Cool: get Sun Tzu The Art of War as a free comic book on your iPad: http://goo.gl/jVEJf by @smartercomics #bizstory
  • rettema: Best Illusion of the year, results of 2011 http://illusioncontest.neuralcorrelate.com
  • MerlinChauffeur: Walking our new #Marin labyrinth on Summer Solstice, open to full light & hope. http://lnkd.in/FA9UUJ >a long-time friend
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @uncompromise Wonderful article via @elephantjournal – 32 unusual ways to love ourselves – http://ow.ly/5lxOM #Gathering11
  • DavidGurteen: Humans Could Have Geomagnetic Sight http://bit.ly/lRTWSZ /amazing! >hmm… another possible sensory-pathway for dowsing (water-divining) etc?
  • getstoried: +1 RT @brainpicker: If u missed it last wk it’s a treasure: @openculture’s log of 235 cultural icons in their own words http://j.mp/lYBFWQ
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @TBilich: Must read. RT @the99percent: Practical Tips on Writing a Book from 23 Brilliant Authors: http://cot.ag/lS5ago
  • CreatvEmergence: Emergence – Complexity from Simplicity – http://youtu.be/gdQgoNitl1g // The Emergence of Cooperation – patterns (video) http://youtu.be/zhTnlxhq0Tc
  • davidcushman: RT @TIME: RT @radhikajones: Peter Falk reading The Princess Bride should go down as one of the best casting decisions in movie history. >yes! – thank you, Peter Falk… RIP
  • aojensen: RT @alecsharp: RIP Peter Falk, whose Columbo gave us the Business Analyst’s tag line – “Just one more thing…”
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