A week in Tweets: 03-09 July 2011

Almost catching up, for once – not quite a full week late. Here it is anyway: another week’s collection of Tweets and links, shuffled into the respective categories (or not, as the case may be). And, of course, the necessary ‘Read more…’ link:

Enterprise-architecture, business strategy and all manner of other business-big-picture themes:

  • florian__: Bottomline is, diagrams are communication tools: RT @rtolido: A diagram is not a process: ‘Plato’s Cave’ http://bit.ly/m5NqEU
  • greblhad: RT @ralph_ohr: MIT Sloan: A business model framework http://mitsmr.com/k7UHl1 >Interesting… also oddly dispiriting in a way – not much grasp of enterprise-as-enterprise? #bmgen #bizarch
  • vernaallee: RT @insitevc: Collaborative Innovation as a Business Strategy: Ask Anything, Challenge Everything: http://huff.to/kzPpKt by @bethcomstock, @brightideaHQ
  • unorder: Nicely formatted pdf of “How to make your strategy stick with a strategic story” http://is.gd/vImdIZ #strategy #bizstory
  • tetradian: [post] Business architect and enterprise architect http://bit.ly/kPEl9o #bizarch #entarch #togaf (for @kvistgaard @nickmalik)
  • jdevoo: Eden Medina presenta el Proyecto Synco http://www.vimeo.com/25372096 #cybersyn #vsm #chile >long (94min) video-presentation on the classic VSM implementation, in Allende’s Chile
  • SAlhir: RT @Jabaldaia The construction of a vision or the advantage of being not competent http://bit.ly/e0NIwk #entarch
  • business_design: Cool! RT @OpenIDEO: Loving the use of yr Business Model Canvas on our Grameen Social Business Challenge: http://bit.ly/k0ozQ9 #bmgen
  • noreenahertz: Interesting stuff…reading about technological revolution in Africa – from mobile payments to telemedicine in latest edition of Wired >good examples of innovative #bmgen #bizarch #entarch ?
  • unorder: Resolving the Trust Paradox: @jhagel on need to share our weaknesses to build trust http://j.mp/jay5kH >recommend #entarch
  • rtolido: BPM has been over sold and under delivered. Post by Peter Evans-Greenwood at http://noprocess.org http://bit.ly/kkeczZ #entarch #bpm
  • business_design: Video by @ecorner: Tom Kelley of IDEO on using “Fresh Eyes” – required for business model innovation as well: http://goo.gl/o2K8U #bmgen >also for #entarch #bizarch #bpm etc
  • vernaallee: Every process has a hidden network pattern http://bit.ly/jf67dd >another useful chapter from Verna’s online book #bpm
  • SAlhir: RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth’s Blog: Paying attention to the attention economy http://bit.ly/j19ViA >hooray! – someone who does understand that business-models are about more than money… #bizarch #entarch
  • practicingEA: Spiders & Elephants (the social web & #BigData) will shape the next winners & losers  http://bit.ly/kRGQc3 #Forrester #entarch
  • vernaallee: Boosting Innovation by Integrating a Gender Perspective | InnovationManagement http://bit.ly/iMpM4l – like 7-8″ tablets instead of 10? // Free book Innovation & Gender from excellent VINNOVA agency for Innovation in Sweden http://bit.ly/fk4bY8
  • oscarberg: 3 Reasons Why Organizations Need to Increase Transparency http://bit.ly/lUwS7M #e20 #socbiz #collab #entarch
  • BillIves: RT @dhinchcliffe: Case for Competitive Collaboration http://ow.ly/1ulRwq #innovation #socbiz >recommend #bmgen #entarch
  • gkathan: http://bit.ly/amjTDO – searching for a way to quantify value of a brand – any experiences out there in #entarch space ?
  • chrisdpotts: In creating value from change, money is rarely the most significant investment, or most influential constraint. >key distinction: money is not the only form of value, and often not the most important one #entarch
  • CreatvEmergence: Design Thinking for Complex Issues http://bit.ly/pyPbXm via @tdebaillon’s blog >recommend #entarch etc
  • kvistgaard: RT @jurgenappelo: The search for simple solutions to complex problems is a consequence of the inability to deal effectively with complexity -Russell L. Ackoff >probably the classic error in #entarch etc
  • DavidGurteen: Making knowledge accessible to people in the developing world, on their terms. http://bit.ly/nnAAkp #KM >significant lessons for #entarch – esp. around holding to vision etc
  • theopengroup: EA Fundamentalism http://nblo.gs/k5Uim >solid sense on #entarch from Stuart Boardman (and thanks, too 🙂 )
  • theopengroup: New on The Open Group Blog by @ArtBourbon: “EA Fundamentalism”: The warring factions over the definition (and use) of #EA http://ow.ly/5yZt5
  • simonbrown: RT @MichaelStal: Architects should move away from their comfort zone, i.e. deal with the realities of business and implementation
  • chrisdpotts: Why the best model of a structure depends on what the architect needs to explain http://bit.ly/roy624 #entarch >collation of diagrams from Richard Rogers’ Leadenhall building
  • CreatvEmergence: Before the how is the why..before the why (and during the how) is the alive creative impulse… > #entarch please note? – it’s about people, not (solely) tech
  • valuenetworks: Nice! @vernaallee Example of value network map: http://bit.ly/pyF3cA
  • Bebela239: RT @Jabaldaia: #DesignThinking and Business. Where are Human Resources? http://bit.ly/dOVgyF
  • CreatvEmergence: Gary Hamel on 21st century orgs and innovating from the fringes: http://youtu.be/aodjgkv65MM (Thanks @edwardharran)
  • kdierc: RT @krismeukens: real #innovation is in unknown unknowns territory // customers express what they want definitely in terms of known knowns, maybe known unknowns, definitely not unknown unknowns  #requirement #paradigmshift
  • tetradian: [post] Where marketing meets enterprise-architecture http://bit.ly/rnU5v4 #entarch /cc @robert_phipps @chrisdpotts @vernaallee
  • vernaallee: Biz-models often assume world revolves around our orgn when we really revolve in spiral galaxy ecosystems. Galileo anyone? #bizarch #entarch
  • CreatvEmergence: Innovation and the Age of the Heretic http://bit.ly/ow6ndH RT @dscofield >another business-anarchist! 🙂 #entarch etc
  • basvg: RT @HarvardBiz: What Google’s Quiet Failure Says About Its Innovation Health http://s.hbr.org/qaszAg #bmgen bizarch
  • vernaallee: Building the Agile Enterprise: Rethinking Business for a Changing World http://bit.ly/qXPduQ – thoughtful post from Fred Cummins. >interesting analysis, but the ‘solution’ offered is yet more IT-centrism… sigh…
  • jdevoo: RT @lantronix @Electrofab: Bridging the Gap between Digital and Physical http://awe.sm/5OROp #IoT cc @tamberg >’Internet of Things’ linked to #bmgen #bizarch etc
  • joemckendrick: 10 Radical Rules of Business Transformation in Action http://bit.ly/raRqIP // #1: From calcified to continuously improving // #2: From commanded-and-controlled to collaborative // #3: From hidebound to human centric // #4: From enterprisey to entrepreneurial // #5: From closed system to customer-directed // #6: From siloed to service-oriented // #7: From sheltered to situationally aware // #8: From structured to synergistic // #9: From error-prone to elegant // #10: From angst-ridden to agile >moving from #itarch (IT-SOA) towards real #entarch: good!
  • jdevoo: RT @dcarli: Ambient Authorship and Subtle Potential of Sensor Publishing http://bit.ly/qXuffX #citizensensing >possible #bmgen ?
  • simonbrown: Its not about the technology; even IT consulting is a people business >yes – exactly…
  • jdevoo: For those who didn’t get to read Linked: The Story of Networks http://bit.ly/dwPZHA via @Competia >nice overview of theory-of-networks
  • chrisdpotts: The design of an enterprise can be eclectic, provided that it’s intentional and coherent #entarch http://bit.ly/q5rER0 >nice usage of a physical-building metaphor (hotel)
  • business_design: Would have loved Canvas comparison.. RT @francetim: MIT: 7 gr. examples of non-profit biz models in global health http://bit.ly/ptc4EU #bmgen

An interesting enterprise-architecture back-and-forth, developing out of ideas from Robert Phipps:

  • tetradian: [post] Enterprise-architecture as vectors http://bit.ly/j3QzVI (for @robert_phipps) #entarch
  • nickmalik: RT @tetradian: [post] Enterprise-architecture as vectors http://bit.ly/j3QzVI (for @rjphi65) #entarch <– Every EA should read.  Write More
  • nickmalik: @Robert_Phipps Want to see more on #entarch as vectors (from @tetradian).  May be breakthrough idea.  Please develop further.
  • tetradian: @nickmalik EA as vectors ‘may be breakthrough idea’ – strong agree, is why I posted, to encourage @robert_phipps to write on it! 🙂 // just to reiterate (credit where it’s due) – ‘EA as vectors’ was @robert_phipps idea, not mine – I just publicised it for him 🙂
  • richardsage: @tetradian @nickmalik @robert_phipps really like your vectors concept, interesting use of language to change how we think about a problem
  • pbmobi: @nickmalik @Robert_Phipps @tetradian Way too abstract, companies are about people. Do you think this  idea makes #entarch #EA legible?
  • leodesousa: @pbmobi @nickmalik @Robert_Phipps @tetradian not sure it is about #entarch legibility, more about demonstrating value of meeting strat goals
  • Robert_Phipps: @nickmalik @tetradian thanks for the encouragement. Am starting now to assemble a more concrete piece.

Collaboration of the direct human kind, including creativity, leadership and such-like:

  • SAlhir: Transformation further Distilled http://wp.me/pohx0-nV >recommend: practical how-to #collab #change #agile
  • SAlhir: Transformation Distilled: A Journey and a Way of Being http://wp.me/pohx0-mH >more detail on that how-to #change
  • SAlhir: RT @Jabaldaia What it necessary to understand the needs of others? http://bit.ly/dZVTTV >another useful reminder from Jose #collab #change
  • zahmoo: We just blogged: There Are Always More Stories http://blog.zahmoo.com/?p=91 #storytelling #bizstory
  • SAlhir: RT @Jabaldaia In a sea of ideas we must choose the best network http://bit.ly/gZMOPl #innovation #openinnovation
  • Bebela239: RT @Jabaldaia: Fun and responsibility. These ideas won’t be killed http://bit.ly/g39rIT #innovation
  • SAlhir: RT @Jabaldaia INTUINOVARE New Post – The most important variable in innovation is Passion. Read it now at http://tinyurl.com/3byzoh7
  • DavidGurteen: At 3M, A Struggle Between Efficiency And Creativity http://buswk.co/lL3hvb /2007 but still interesting
  • getstoried: My latest blog post: Stop Trying to Change Others: Find a Better Mission – http://bit.ly/kU3IbG #storytelling << please comment and RT >personal story/mission, but can adapt same principles for #bizarch #entarch etc
  • CreatvEmergence: Cultural Intelligence and Creativity: http://bit.ly/kJhqdz via @DavidHolzmer >useful for #innovation #creativity etc
  • kvistgaard: RT @rubytester: Online book by @cfkurtz: Working with Stories http://goo.gl/8ubii >recommend #storytelling #bizstory
  • DavidGurteen: The danger of maturity models in KM (and the alternative) http://bit.ly/owGkIO #KM >good points, but disagree slightly: each-maturity-level should represent a step-change, with guidance on how to consolidate that step-change (in #entarch anyway – less sure about #km)
  • greblhad: RT @PaulSloane: SCAMPER is a powerful brainstorm tool to generate ideas for new products or services http://dld.bz/axmP < Fun and exciting >v.useful brainstorming checklist/how-to
  • unorder: RT @kevinsbishop: Anecdote: The need to know why http://bit.ly/nat3lZ >on the practical value of ’emotionally intelligent signage’
  • unorder:RT @mschenkau: Collaboration requires all parties to be accountable for the result. New blog post [+ video] http://bit.ly/o9mrRi #collab
  • CreatvEmergence: I look forward to when we replace the word “manage” w/regard to creative humans in the workplace with “engage” // What if instead of Managers we have Engagers who get promoted on capacities to consciously engage, not habitually control // Conscious engagement contains a coherent balance between flow and structure, strategy and emergence… // Yes! RT @katemural: @creatvemergence engaging keeps locus of power distributed w/ individuals resp as empowered actors/co-creators // 🙂 RT @zenext: @CreatvEmergence Indeed. It’s a moral imperative to resist anything that denies the engagement of people’s dreams and gifts #collab #orgarch #entarch
  • CreatvEmergence: How To Create A Happy Work Environment by @stephenshapiro http://bit.ly/miRZH6 via @matthewemay @openforum
  • Bebela239: RT @Jabaldaia: The stories help us understand the complexity of things! http://bit.ly/erIRAm #designthinking #bizstory
  • DavidGurteen: The Ideas sausage machine, or the ideas conversation? http://bit.ly/p6bYuS #KM #GoodTotalk #innovation >apply the same principles to eg. #bmgen too
  • oscarberg: With well-defined processes & autonomous self-propelled people there is little need for mgmt. Many orgs think it’s the other way around.
  • gkathan: peeking into marketing domain: 14 most effective words – also relevant for #entarch http://bit.ly/9AObda #bizstory >words are: Free, Now, You, Save, Money, Easy, Guarantee, Health, Results, New, Love, Discovery, Proven, Safety
  • SAlhir: RT @Jabaldaia Learning through arts. Judge of #innovation in the absence of rules http://bit.ly/mg3XQL >another insightful post from the prolific Jose Baldaia
  • vernaallee: RT @jaycross from @BillIves Jay Cross on Working Smarter in the Enterprise http://post.ly/2MRyi – love Jay’s pragmatism and common sense.

Social-media and such things associated with on-line collaboration and exploration:

  • oscarberg: Blogged: It’s still about information – but different information http://goo.gl/fb/L556i #socbiz #entarch
  • oscarberg: RT @bduperrin: Language Of Social Sounds Too Soft To Business http://bit.ly/jK8tbr < Excellent #e20 #socbiz > “They just wanted a better way to get important work done” – sounds like #entarch to me? 🙂
  • vernaallee: Astute observations by @rossdawson Crowdsourcing goes mainstream, shaping organizations and the future of work – http://bit.ly/leIHgt #bmgen #collab
  • florian__: RT @ampli2de: Nice timeline-based medical UI: The Future of Hospital Apps http://rww.to/kCwXjA #ux via @JasonSpector
  • BillIves: post on Forrester’s Five Stages of Social Media Maturity http://bit.ly/j51G5E #e20 #socbiz
  • DavidGurteen: Wingardium Leviosa: This Rotocopter Is Controlled By The Kinect http://bit.ly/mUN9GW /this is simply awsome >very nice #ux demonstrator…
  • unorder: Zahmoo has had a facelift. Check out the new look. Love to hear what you think http://is.gd/KgQssM #storytelling #ux
  • oscarberg: Blogged: We Should All Care More About Transparency http://goo.gl/fb/fmX22 #socbiz #e20
  • jdevoo: RT @PatrickMeier: How to Run a Successful #Crowdsourcing Project, http://awe.sm/5OFwm >summary of and pointer to useful how-to
  • jdevoo: RT @maxjpucher: #Social versus #BPM – The #Complexity of Simplicity: http://wp.me/pd9ls-Ch #ACM >> simple not simpler, big difference
  • MarcoBrambi: RT @valuenetworks: Process, Workflow, and VNA: http://bit.ly/oOf3Dv From @vernaallee book on value networks. < Relevant for #socialbpm #bpm
  • oscarberg: Seven Lessons Learned on Social Business http://flpbd.it/9JEM by oscarberg: RT @jaredroy: If you could build a social dashboard what would you want included? < 1. Ask what to measure & why 2. Think about KPIs
  • @dhinchcliffe < Excellent! #socbiz #e20 >recommend #entarch
  • jdevoo: Citizen Science Alliance http://bit.ly/r4Fb6r via @Sci4Cits >kinda crowdsourcing science and #citizensensing – also interesting implications as #bmgen etc
  • getstoried: +1 RT @bud_caddell: Really interesting (and new) way to navigate content, http://bit.ly/jfHDON #storytelling of place >very pretty, but unfortunately unusably greedy on system-resources 🙁 – v.nice idea, but #fail in practice…

IT-architecture, IT-systems, IT-development, IT-just-about-anything:

  • kdierc: Reverse engineering java-code into a modelling tool doesn’t sound too #entarch to me … How did I end up doing this again? >yup… happens to us all… 🙁 🙂
  • theopengroup: Why standards in information technology are critical http://nblo.gs/k1OCs >complex trade-off b/w proprietary and shared: shared/transparency builds a shared market
  • theopengroup: RT @eaforumsa: #ogsa Presentation from last week’s EA Forum is published. Go to http://cot.ag/e30RIc for insight into Master Data Management
  • gleganza: Kicking off some research on “empowered” employee technologies. Looking for examples of empowering emerging tech. http://ow.ly/5zggO >interesting research-project at Forrester – join in? #itarch #e20 #collab #entarch
  • Bebela239: RT @stephengbennett: #cloud Computing Reference Architectures, Models and Frameworks http://goo.gl/fb/cYDt9 >useful reference for #itarch
  • davidsprott: Cloudburst – Coordinating Vectors for Business Transformation #entarch //#Cloud Vectors ensure we don’t remain isolated looking at the world solely from our own specialism and perspective. #Cloud http://tinyurl.com/6dteddp
  • theopengroup: RT @chrisjharding: Cloud Ecosystem Interaction Language project (CIEL) www.opengroup.org/cloudcomputing/ciel #ogcloud #itarch

Society, culture, economics, social responsibility and the much-larger-scale big-picture:

  • SAlhir: RT @umairh @Alea_ ‘Economics of Good and Evil’ http://goo.gl/UanWW >recommend #entarch #society #economics
  • jdevoo: RT @JavierLivas: A NEW WAY TO GOVERN — todos ganamos… menos los políticos. La SOCIEDAD se auto-organiza. Futuro de “redes ciudadanas”. >yes – using network-effects without relying on politicians as a self-appointed ‘priesthood-intermediary’…
  • SAlhir: FOUR YEARS. GO. – A Campaign To Change The Course of History http://youtu.be/B_6iTCo5Ci8 >useful reminder…
  • jdevoo: An Agent-Based Model of Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility Activities http://bit.ly/lZ2Dt3 #ABM #CSR >rather too maths-technical for my taste, but worth a read
  • SAlhir: RT @bizshrink Ahem..Bored, totally bored w/research on whether men or women are better at x,y,z,. We r different. Both r needed. #getoverit >strongly agree. is also not just ‘men’ or ‘women’, but right down to individual level – gender is a factor, not the factor
  • jdevoo: RT @JavierLivas: una visión de una nueva forma de gobernanza [.DOC] http://bit.ly/jAnyjI cc @stephaniewojcik @Arno_Abler >direct participative governance with ‘cybernetic’ support, rather than the (now-failing) election-based ‘governance’ (emphasis on Mexico, but applicable anywhere) #society #culture
  • rettema: Can computers think, have emotions, have free will ? Nice argument maps http://www.macrovu.com/CCTWeb/CCT1/CCTMap1.html >interesting… #society #culture #technology
  • kvistgaard: Europe: 10 centuries in 5 minutes http://vimeo.com/16914018 >for anyone who thinks that political boundaries have much long-term meaning…?
  • SystemsWiki: Summary of threats to the environment – amazing the vicious cycle we create – http://bit.ly/kWdRJ7
  • davidcushman: Just held the door for 5 women in a row. Not one took the door from me or thanked me. Nice one Slough station >yup: seems to be a too-dominant notion of ‘entitlement’ – an obscenely asymmetric ‘women’s right’?
  • vernaallee: Fascinating from @stoweboyd STUDY SAYS TECHNOLOGY COULD TRANSFORM SOCIETY – 1982 http://sto.ly/lovRoS look back at 1982 predictions
  • jdevoo: Tonight I continue my #water education with another documentary: FLOW – access and distribution across the globe http://bit.ly/llYDsJ // trapping rain water vs. building dams: we know how to spend billions of dollars in one place, not one thousand dollars in many places #water // #water is a right, not a privilege http://article31.org >agree on last point, though very wary of using a rights-discourse for this
  • vernaallee: Excellent interview: Zadek on Business, Sustainability and Incremental Versus Disruptive Change http://bit.ly/qd7oOY #sustainability #csr #economics
  • Cybersal: RT @TimHarford: Terrific piece by John Kay on social costs of confusion pricing: http://bit.ly/r4BpGi >v.important #economics with huge implications for #society also #bmgen #bizarch #entarch
  • DavidGurteen: A Thousand Days to Reinvent Capitalism? http://bit.ly/ojh110 #ReinventCapitalism >HBR etc trying to reinvent from within? – too few assumptions being challenged, I fear…
  • tebbo: What if climate models are wrong? HT to New York Times for its piece on Richard Lintzen yesterday. My take: http://tinyurl.com/69pu95t >Tebbo is one whose common-sense views I always respect
  • jdevoo: Gauging Impacts http://bit.ly/qf1Mrf #citizensensing – thank you @phisab for your comments; this #post was long due >interesting at #society #economics level – esp. via (somewhat strange) inclusion of #spiraldynamics categorisation of impacts
  • jdevoo: RT @participatory: Multiple Participation Models: Citizens, Youth, Online (pdf) http://bit.ly/mTRc7s #edem #gov20 #opengov >useful collection of summaries of participation-models – also useful in e.g. #socbiz #collab #bmgen etc
  • SystemsWiki: New industrial revolution needed to avert ‘planetary catastrophe’: UN report http://bit.ly/qqZ0q4 #economics
  • jdevoo: RT @sfscojo: Dangerous Disconnect Between Economics and Ecology http://bit.ly/nPCzAr #economics
  • CreatvEmergence: Video: Permaculture, Peak Oil, Climate Change and the Soul of the World – http://youtu.be/4z-fRQayrUk
  • nickmalik: RT @chrisonea: RT @neiltyson: Apollo in 1969. Shuttle in 1981. Nothing in 2011. Our space program would look awesome to anyone living backwards thru time. >sadly true…
  • joemckendrick: RT @yoonkit @gregorthecat Total lifetime cost of space shuttle program-$196 billion vs AIG bailout-$182 billion <Puts it in perspective!!
  • DavidGurteen: What would worldwide Balkanization and tribalization mean for globalization?  from @davepollard http://bit.ly/onx8zx #EndOfEmpire >recommend #society #politics #bigchange
  • SAlhir: RT @BNET The See No Evil, Hear No Evil Epidemic: http://bnet.io/jg7nOI >fear, hopelessness constrain the function of ethics in orgs #entarch

And, at last, the part that many people would skip to straight away – the fun stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else:

  • SAlhir: RT @NewPsychologist Can You Imagine Life Without the One You Love? http://bit.ly/mGOyJ8 >I don’t have to imagine, thanks… 😐
  • SAlhir: RT @TheQuoteWhore @nilofer: Dance like photo isn’t being tagged, love like you’ve never been unfriended, & tweet like nobody is following >nice… 🙂
  • SAlhir: RT @jorgebarba: Escape Mediocrity Manifesto http://feedly.com/k/jBY2hN >a nice self-challenge…
  • SAlhir: RT @stephenlynch: Turning Stress into an Asset http://pulse.me/s/q6nh >useful how-to
  • thoughttrans: Mom had stroke last night…will not be able to engage much until things settle down. >the human side of #entarch .. 😐 – best wishes, Pat…
  • thoughttrans: Get Well Mom … how video is important now http://ow.ly/5wtwv >other side of social tech (also see http://bit.ly/hn8tcp )
  • simonbrown: RT @flowchainsensei: An open letter to conference speakers everywhere: http://bit.ly/iZL3f3 >also from Scott Berkun: ‘How to prepare: checklist for great talks’ http://www.scottberkun.com/blog/2011/speakers-checklist/
  • unorder: Just created a speakers profile in case you would like to see me speak at an event http://is.gd/TXqAgj >v.useful as a template for other speakers
  • tetradian: just taken delivery of the first print-copies of ‘Yabbies’ http://bit.ly/kqyppA – my first novel 🙂 – yay!! 🙂 🙂
  • getstoried: Hard time managing your email inbox? Finally found a killer app – free gmail plugin called Boomerang by @baydin – http://bit.ly/izXJV6
  • jdevoo: The Cutting-Edge Physics of Jackson Pollock: relating drip painting to fluid dynamics http://bit.ly/iogmo0 via @tomfid >also interesting for the comments: a lot of Pollock-haters out there… 🙂
  • kvistgaard: Upgrading to #wordpress 3.2 can bring your blog down depending on the plug-ins installed. >oops…
  • Bebela239: RT @neuraustralia: great pic that messes with your perception: http://wp.me/ptsTD-4N3
  • davidriveroll: RT @big_picture: Ash covered landscape http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2011/07/ash_covered_landscape.html #chile #volcano #photography
  • oscarberg: Bye Bye Space Shuttle infographic http://flpbd.it/JZLZ
  • chrisdpotts: Discovery;  Columbia;  Endeavour;  Atlantis;  Challenger;  Enterprise.  I salute you, & everyone who took part in your extraordinary story. >amen…
  • jdevoo: nice friday tweet RT @ValdisKrebs: Real x-ray glasses finally available, from MIT!  “Specs that see right through you” http://bit.ly/nC8Ie5 >in a social sense, not a physical sense… ‘fun’ technology, yet could easily turn scary in malicious hands, though…
  • davidriveroll: Impressive destructive art by Vhils | Webdesigner Depot http://bit.ly/lQVFQQ – I love old walls even without art on them
  • SAlhir: RT @TheEconomist Business books that everyone claims to have read (but hasn’t), summarised in one or two sentences http://econ.st/oEmxK2
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