A week in Tweets: 22-28 May 2011

The delay. The list. The Tweets. The links. That set of categories. All as usual. All preceded by the possibly-exciting ‘Read more…’ link. ‘Nuff said, probably?

Enterprise-architecture, business-architecture, strategy and suchlike stuff:

  • joemckendrick: RT @raesmaa Enterprise app stores arrive; IT departments nonplussed | ZDNet http://zd.net/jRI7aX /by @dhinchcliffe >v.useful analysis by Dion Hinchcliffe – impact especially on IT service-mgmt, #bizarch and #itarch for SMBs
  • SAlhir: Transformation Distilled: A Journey and a Way of Being http://bit.ly/j90kW8 #change #changemanagement #agile #kanban #entarch
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @changeorder: “The real world isn’t so simple or knowable, which is exactly why design can be so valuable. ” http://bit.ly/mige5q by @benmcallister
  • ironick: This area of overlapping interest and concern. | Soulellis http://bit.ly/i2T3BO >describing context…
  • adrianrcampbell: RT @p2ulroberts: How to merge two airlines #entarch http://nyti.ms/mUaiyF >great real-world example
  • mikejwalker: Getting Enterprise Architects to the Business Decision Making Table http://bit.ly/iFLxKo
  • adrianrcampbell: The difference between a Business Architect and a Business Analyst http://wp.me/p1p9N-3w
  • DavidGurteen: What’s Your Cause? http://bit.ly/j3KLSq >alternate term for ‘vision’ in #entarch?
  • taotwit: RT @dougnewdick RT @chrisonea: Is there any circumstance under which IT should build a thing without a business purpose? #entarch #cio #cto >> me: No. The challenge for IT is to explain any ideas for IT-led innovation in a way that establishes a clear business purpose. Good ideas can come from anywhere in the business – even IT! >agree strongly – including/especially about “even IT!”
  • joyce_hostyn: think of designing a business as designing a platform for experiences  http://slidesha.re/ks7PJO by @colincolin #bmgen >very good point about ‘platform for experiences’, remainder is mainly a variant on Business Model Canvas
  • ironick: True novelty comes from back loop #panarchy RT @tom_peters: 90% of true innovation product of adversity. Not fun, but Adversity=Opportunity.
  • rtolido: why the weight and size of a book matters. More about the myth of eBooks for education by Nicholas Carr http://bit.ly/mMjzFd >interesting implications for #bmgen etc
  • getstoried: For a lesson in Change Manifestos, read @pamslim – Open letter to CEOs, COOs, CIOs and CFOs across corporate world http://www.escapefromcubiclenation.com/2006/05/04/open-letter-to-ceos-coos-cios-and-cfos-across-the-corporate-world/ >an insightful classic…
  • adrianrcampbell: SouthBeach Modeller –  an interesting tool for creating all kinds of  visual management and analysis models http://bit.ly/j2GTv7 // SouthBeach Modeller http://bit.ly/j2GTv7 recommended for #EntArch #BizArch #VSM >core modelling tool is free
  • vernaallee: How member organizations are changing Monitor Institute: DISRUPTION: Evolving Models of Engagement and Support http://www.monitorinstitute.com/disruption/
  • vernaallee: RT @klaitner: RT @spacecollective: Fluid Value Networks: from @klaitner – http://ow.ly/50VdQ #polytopia #entarch
  • thoughttrans: I wish #entarch could come together to form a SINGLE brand. Too many perspectives exist an it isn’t helping the cause. >most serious problem remains that #itarch have hijacked the ‘brand’ to represent something that isn’t #entarch…
  • thoughttrans: RT @jagdish_writer: Only 9% of EA endeavours partner organisations’ business side – Gartner survey http://bit.ly/lhsx5s #ENTARCH <#bizarch
  • unorder: Couldn’t go past this Dilbert cartoon about knowing your strategy http://www.anecdote.com.au/archives/2011/05/knowing_your_st.html >well, yes… 🙁 🙂
  • joemckendrick: Want Process Improvement? Be Obsessive. Be Very Obsessive. http://bit.ly/jh8l8j #bpm #entarch >also be “insanely disobedient”… 🙂
  • florian__: The Economist | Silicon Valley and the technology industry: The new tech bubble http://econ.st/jfHFH2 via @theeconomist >yup: dangerous-delusion time again… 🙁
  • business_design: bury the cliché! RT @sachin_joshi: Africa’s business technology revolution gathers pace, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/13505966 #bmgen #bizarch #culture
  • SAlhir: RT @jonrognerud Brian Solis: You Can’t Measure What It Is You Do Not Value #SOCIALMEDIA http://tiny.ly/Z2UF #bizarch #entarch
  • adrianrcampbell: Gartner: Out of Necessity, Enterprise Architecture Begins to Align Closer with Business http://bit.ly/mf7Erf #EntArch #BizArch
  • florian__: RT @Capgemini: Green isn’t always good http://ow.ly/52BQK #entarch #metrics
  • BeyondEA: EA is the rubik’s cube for organizations http://bit.ly/jFOaYQ #EntArch #CIO
  • tetradian: [post] RBP-EA: There’s gonna be a revolution… http://bit.ly/jfLlqA #entarch #society #economics #futures (for @cfkurtz)
  • business_design: On the value of M&A RT @alleyinsider: HuffPo Employees Flee AOL After “Brutal” “Awful” “Worst Few Weeks” by @GlynnMacN http://read.bi/mB18YF >yup: culture turns out to be kinda important… 🙁
  • DavidGurteen: HBR: “the instructions for getting out of the box are written on the outside of the box.” http://bit.ly/iq0G99 >recommend
  • CreatvEmergence: Designing Our Future + Futuring Our Design-  http://bit.ly/iwd3mV via @frankspencer #designthinking #futures
  • CreatvEmergence: RT @timkastelle: 10 design lessons from Frederick Law Olmsted, father of US landscape architecture http://bit.ly/kzNjkB >strong recommend for #entarch etc also
  • CreatvEmergence: Rethinking value in changing landscape: strategic reflection & biz transformation [PDF] http://bit.ly/iV514h via @venessamiemis >strong recommend #entarch
  • rsevero: On Motorcycles and Frameworks http://aogeabrazil.org/?p=1796 via @aogeabr >a nicely idiosyncratic view of #entarch …
  • Bebela239: RT @ComplexitySol: short but sweet RT @jurgenappelo: Published: The Illusion of Control http://bit.ly/lK0xUe #complexity
  • greblhad: RT @Digitaltonto: 21 principles for innovating in the real world : IDEO’s Diego Rodriguez http://tnw.co/kzc6jw via @tnwdesign
  • oscarberg: A strategy-making process should always start with this question: Why?
  • jdevoo: RT @DRMeyer1: A Systems Perspective on Sustainability, Supply Chain Management http://nblo.gs/hZMB3 #entarch
  • ChristineArena: RT @TomRaftery: Morality V’s Technology: Timberland takes Apple to the woodshed – superb piece by @jamesfarrar http://zd.net/iZQBpv
  • kdierc: Just kicked off our 11th EA cafe on Agile Architecture … Didn’t even know I could do that #baea #entarch // Speakers talks about business agility and complex adaptive systems // Operating at edge of chaos requires structure as counterbalance // Using an Escher drawing to describe current way of working // Open accessable systems needed for agile business // EA requirements for business agility (1) rapid adaptability (2) cost efficiency (3) shared platforms // Business agility requires encapsulation at #entarch level. Encapsulate state and behaviour of entities. // Business agility requires #holistic and systems thinking // A complex system can [not?] be explained by reduction to its fundamental parts // Interesting twist… Almost making the case for ERP systems now 🙂  // On SOA … Services need to be stateless << fully agree // Integrated domain is the future … Enterprise should only have 1 application << hmmm // Integrated domain = domain inheritance + derivation based // Doesn’t make sense today to have 1 application in the enterprise << aha! // Domain inheritance = allows reuse at domain level / derivation based = intelligence in the system // Lots of small systems are not viable for an agile business, it needs 1 integrated application // On previous tweet, application should be system
  • EAatWork: System thinking as thinking tool for #entarch #baea < very true to fully understand the enterprise
  • EAatWork: “@krismeukens: @kdierc So business agility is only about IT? Don’t think so.” < agree – too much talk about appl, not enough about business need
  • rettema: Will google wallet be the keystore of all the services that one has bought ? http://is.gd/Gq4qb9 #ounl // Walking through a boundaryless education service landscape and access what is available for you ? #thinkoutofthebox #googlewallet // What will ontologically change with #googlewallet interesting question. #EnterpriseEngineering // Interesting to read how explicit transaction requests based on cash become more and more implicit request with NFC. #EnterpriseOntology
  • theopengroup: Just confirmed dates for The Open Group meeting in Sao Paolo Brazil – Nov 29 & 30….stay tuned for more details! #entarch
  • JohnPolgreen: RT @christianwig: Good post! > Five easy steps to become an innovation-killer: http://zd.net/jxqVrr #innovation #management
  • vernaallee: RT @johntodor: Shoppers buying less impulsively online – thanks to social networks and easy comparisons. http://bit.ly/jFrm5B | mere eyeballs losing value #bmgen #bizarch
  • mikejwalker: Enterprise Architecture Mind Maps http://bit.ly/mLTiR6
  • jdevoo: RT @orgnet: For better innovation, create “short-cuts” between small-worlds… http://bit.ly/kKUWXW >> value of asking relations for input
  • DavidGurteen: RT @euan: Not always as big a fan of Seth Godin as others but he is spot on with this post about Caring http://j.mp/keA5u4 >”When you free your employees to act like people then the caring can’t help but happen.” #entarch
  • CreatvEmergence: I believe Aliveness is the new bottom line >maybe ‘a’ rather than ‘the’, but agree. #bizarch #entarch
  • CreatvEmergence: Right on! RT @umairh We’ve built it backwards. The purpose of human existence doesn’t end with “product” or “output”. It begins w/living >a good place to start thinking about any #entarch etc
  • thoughttrans (also via @oscarberg @DesignThinkers): Brian Solis: Customer-centricity Begins with Creating a Culture of Change http://zite.to/iSi2Ee >yes!! – recommend #entarch #bizarch
  • basvg: reading up on balanced scorecards. Interesting material in the light of architecture at the enterprise level >yes – exactly… essential closure of the enterprise feedback-loop
  • ArchiTool: What’s happening? a disruption of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disruptive_technology a.k.a the “Punk Business Model” PBM or meta-disruptive >a.k.a. ‘business anarchist’? 🙂
  • mikejwalker: RT @trouxsoftware: New blog post: How Kaiser Permanente Drives Quick Value From Standards: http://bit.ly/mermle #entarch #CIO
  • mikejwalker: Forrester and Gartner 2011 Enterprise Architecture Tool Assessments http://bit.ly/lotMMM #entarch #gartnerea #forrester
  • mikejwalker: I think @EricStephens is right. Visio the mkt leader in #entarch Tools. Last no. I heard in ’09 from analysts was MS Office had 80 – 90% >yup. and people then wonder why standards etc don’t work well? 🙁
  • jdevoo: RT @NBSnet: Metrics for Valuing Sustainability http://bit.ly/mDDZpN #entarch
  • jdevoo: RT @maxjpucher: The Language of Process http://wp.me/pd9ls-A7 #bpm #entarch
  • jdevoo: An oldie but a goodie: capturing architectural requirements by Peter Eeles http://ibm.co/jzRvND #itarch #bizarch #entarch
  • ArchiTool: An iPad App That Helps You Overhaul Your Business Model http://zite.to/iKIEAz < dont worry, a free desktop version will appear soon 😉 >points to FastCompany review of @business_design’s iPad app for Business Model Canvas #bmgen #bizarch
  • DavidGurteen: The Cornucopia of the Commons: Use brings overflowing abundance. Dan Bricklin http://bit.ly/mXI4B
  • vernaallee: All value is subjective – it is an emergent property of social systems and networks http://bit.ly/mkN0Y8
  • vernaallee: T N T — The Network Thinkers: Ecosystem Wars http://www.thenetworkthinkers.com/2011/05/internet-ecosystem-warsapple-vs-google.html?spref=tw
  • gkathan: RT @simplicableanna: Some say EA principles are a waste of time — but there is one overwhelming reason you need them http://bit.ly/jvymAj #entarch #cio
  • taotwit: The Visualisation of Business Models : Did Disney Invent? #entarch #bcdesign http://post.ly/274pH
  • taotwit: RT @simplicableanna: why enterprise architects should care about security http://bit.ly/lwRSdp #ITsecurity #entarch +1 strong recommend
  • DavidGurteen: What you measure – you distort. David Gurteen http://bit.ly/cqjMVx
  • gkathan: RT @simplicableanna: As EAs we may feel like psychiatrists sometimes — is it time to actually get trained? http://bit.ly/iCFkOh #entarch #cio
  • thoughttrans: Does anyone prefer paper books over digital books anymore? >yes. lots. 🙂 (e-books are convenient. that’s it.)

A quick back-and-forth about my ongoing ‘Really Big Picture’ series:

  • tetradian: [post] RBP-EA: From ‘Really Big Picture’ into real-world practice http://bit.ly/j9a0Yp #entarch
  • MartinHowitt: RT @tetradian http://bit.ly/ivA9dm the danger of “biz-centric” EA < Tom is down on IT peeps as #entarch, s’ok but we aren’t all bad at it 🙂
  • tetradian: @MartinHowitt “Tom is down on IT peeps as #entarch” – no, you’re not all bad at it! 🙂 #itarch is v.important, but it’s rarely _enterprise_
  • MartinHowitt: @tetradian I don’t do #itarch – Understanding how #localgov appears in citizen events and implications for org/culture = #entarch // I understand the difference in disciplines. Does an IT background disqualify me as a person from doing #entarch? I think not!
  • tetradian: @MartinHowitt i have an IT background too, y’know… 🙂
  • MartinHowitt: @tetradian yes, I know – I read your blog on a regular basis 🙂

Stories. Creativity. Leadership. People working together (and perhaps why and how they don’t):

  • getstoried: RT @daphnedepasse: Via @MariePerez: Hacking Reality: Subjective Objectivity – Every problem is a #storytelling vehicle http://ow.ly/1cLea6
  • Bonifer: “Institute of Applied Nonsense” – Nowitzki’s shooting coach’s name for his process #gamechangers >another example of the ‘business anarchist’ theme?
  • KMskunkworks: Knowledge Leak? Don’t stick a thumb in it, #KM it! http://wp.me/pUfyy-5g >knowledge-transfer via real people, not ‘knowledge-capture’ in IT alone
  • DavidGurteen: By @hjarche: The Networked Workplace http://bit.ly/knraPM #KM #collab
  • CreatvEmergence: Resonate w @jhagel’s post and distinction b/w stories and narrative http://bit.ly/ifeO7F >recommend #bizstory #entarch
  • joyce_hostyn: approaching internal projects with a brand mindset to create visibility, engagement, and buy-in – MIT Sloan http://bit.ly/mU0MfD #collab #entarch
  • DavidGurteen: Blog Post: We must stop doing things to people http://bit.ly/l9HX9d #KM #collab #entarch
  • getstoried: Storytelling is the human software of the creative economy. > #entarch is one way we tell the story of the enterprise
  • unorder: My response to @jhagel post on narratives http://is.gd/UYibMr #narrative #storytelling >’story vs narrative’ – recommend
  • getstoried: RT @marshallroberts: Worldviews are strange attractors of consciousness, the basis for any and all emotional resonance of your message.
  • smbounds: RT @jayrosen_nyu: NPR’s Brooke Gladstone went with the graphic novel for a book about her ideas on journalism. (And it’s damn good, too.) http://jr.ly/dzqk >could we do this for an #entarch too? #bizstory #storytelling
  • oscarberg: “Real genius of orgs is the informal, impromptu, often inspired ways that real people solve…” http://tumblr.com/xba2oe8ksw #collab #entarch #agile
  • Bebela239: RT @HarvardBiz: Management Tip: Behave Ethically by Respecting Others http://s.hbr.org/j4IHu4 >what’s scary is that this should even need to be a ‘management tip’…
  • unorder: Knowing a story has a beginning, middle and end is useless info from a practical #storytelling standpoint. Better to think about moments.
  • DavidGurteen: Value is created not necessarily by knowledge but through insights about that knowledge http://bit.ly/kZ0gzH #KM #GoodToTalk
  • unorder: When collecting stories online, ask them to start their response with either: Just the other day … A while back … Way back when …
  • CreatvEmergence: Power of Daydreaming – Sparking Creativity in the Workplace: http://bit.ly/bqB7gc
  • thoughttrans: RT @tcagley: HOW TRUE! Godin: Looking for the right excuse is the first warning sign that a project is in trouble. http://bit.ly/mntdch
  • ironick: RT @tom_peters: Long had trouble with “authentic.” Think I’ve found a substitute: “curious.” That is, truly open, anxious to know you/co-explore with you.
  • KMskunkworks: NASA: We don’t have an overarching theory about knowledge+what sorts of practices are useful for different types of knowledge http://1.usa.gov/l8nT9R
  • unorder: RT @kevinsbishop: Changing behaviour: loss aversion and the “Anti-charity” http://bit.ly/lIzCwA >also ‘anti-client’? http://bit.ly/7ynC6v
  • SAlhir: RT @VenessaMiemis Placemaking tools for community action [PDF] http://bit.ly/htZriK #community #projects #planning #process
  • Bebela239: RT @BernardMarr: CIPD research: More than half of employers want to align reward with business strategy http://lnkd.in/N5Hj8J >important theme in human side of #entarch
  • oscarberg: As work becomes mobile, it becomes more important to tell people when you’re at the office than when you’re not
  • BillIves: Why Middle Managers May Be the Most Important People in Your Company http://bit.ly/m8glai
  • vernaallee: RT @commutiny: Value #Networks and the true nature of #collaboration (Allee & Schwabe) http://ow.ly/50wms < Explanatory and useful
  • unorder: If you need a simple story structure, most don’t, try <situation> <complication> <resolution> #storytelling

The same sort of stuff, but about how to do it online (‘it’ being ‘working-together’, I hasten to add):

  • iyigun: RT @adam_deane: Nice video: When Social CRM Meets Business Process Management  http://youtu.be/M8E75czMJyw #bpm >interesting advert from Capgemini…
  • jdevoo: RT @mitsmr: The Enterprise Value of Social Software by @jhagel and @jseelybrown http://mitsmr.com/iK1JUq >from the folks who brought you ‘The Power of Pull’ #socmedia #itarch #entarch
  • BillIves: from @robpatrob – Infographics – new essential communications device for web? http://bit.ly/mEqY6c >about the role of infographics
  • thoughttrans: I hve 2 twitterids @thoughttrans is w #entarch #bizarch #bizstrategy folks. @viditude is abt #socmedia & business social #video <choose both
  • BillIves: Egyptian uprising hero says social networks crucial http://bit.ly/lREz16 >intersection of #socmedia #society and #economics
  • BillIves: RT @eric_andersen: @BillIves and more updated info from @NYTimes’ @thelede blog: http://j.mp/kfAkxs <thx >use of #socmedia (also censorship) re protest against Saudi ban of women as vehicle-drivers
  • BillIves: post – Embracing Complexity in Enterprise Thru Social Learning http://bit.ly/iDq2RW
  • BillIves: post – Aligning Collaboration with Business Processes http://bit.ly/mBpTFe #collab #e20
  • oscarberg: How Social Networking Creates a Collaboration Culture CIO.com http://j.mp/mPgney
  • BillIves: RT @dhinchcliffe: Great overview of how @basf become a social business by @elsua: http://ow.ly/53Xg7 >useful case-study #e20
  • CreatvEmergence: Shared Intent & Purpose for Action – Bridging Gap bet Micro & Macro by @HeleneFinidori: http://bit.ly/ikbL3H >important reference on role of #socmedia in #entarch-role of ‘bridging from strategy to execution’
  • ArchiTool: RT @imc101: 10 Words That Should Never Appear on Your Website http://bit.ly/l6U9to

IT-architecture, IT-development, IT-systems, and other IT-ish data / information / knowledge / and-possibly-even-wisdom:

  • ArchiTool: Ten Commandments of egoless programming | Systems Management | ZDNet UK http://bit.ly/kjVDze #itdev #collab #entarch
  • ArchiTool: Is Open Source Up to Par? Just Ask the DoD http://soc.li/yxsXiCN < DoD been using OS Scorm tools we developed at Uni Bolton for 7 years now // Re open source tools used by DoD http://bit.ly/l8w5bq
  • thoughttrans: RT @dave_sfl: What’s missing from the cloud? An exit strategy. http://bit.ly/l5tYXb #itarch #entarch #cloud >v.important!!
  • practicingEA: Disk based memory is going the way of cassette tapes – read my latest post to find out why. http://bit.ly/kFrBlD. #entarch #forrester
  • Bebela239: RT @angelicamari: The CIO at Brazilian paper manufactiring giant Klabin tells @itdecs about the company’s IT strategy – http://bit.ly/khRY67 >useful detailed #itarch #entarch example
  • simonbrown: RT @wanswins: Recommended! “The Essence of Being a (Software) Architect” http://ow.ly/52j1B #architecture
  • ironick: great prez! RT @claylo: Link to my slides on Lessons from Failure of SOAP http://bit.ly/jwjvoA #gluecon #soap #REST #WOA #WS-Splat #WS-DS #itdev #itarch
  • mikejwalker: Clarifying Alignment of Frameworks for Business Benefit http://bit.ly/iZA1SI #entarch #TOGAF #COBIT #ITIL >is IT-specific (i.e. #itarch not #entarch ), but useful anyway
  • ArchiTool: Hey! I just noticed BiZZdesign Architect now has a Magic Connector! Now where did that idea come from…? 😉 http://twitpic.com/535koj // Wait ’til you see the Dynamic Viewpoints (TM) coming in Archi 2.0…… 😉 #archimate

Society. Culture. Economics. Politics. The kind of things that get some people very excited, and send others to sleep:

  • Bebela239: RT @guardiantech: The stupidity of our copyright laws is finally laid bare http://bit.ly/lue39t >true, though the rest of our ‘property’ law is arguably even more stupid…
  • iyigun: Nice video about cultural differences of russian people http://youtu.be/wOPuvTMndIs #entarch >sales-pitch, but neat… 🙂
  • hvaelama: Human centric macro-economic models do they exist? how can economist model business without humans and their capabilities? #economics #entarch
  • tebbo: I’ve penned a quick review of Tim Flannery’s ‘Here on Earth’. It will stimulate your thinking about the future: http://tinyurl.com/3sltc6j
  • Bebela239: RT @GOOD: If engineering majors make almost twice what the average liberal arts major earns, should everybody become engineers? http://su.pr/1dqqMC >”Instead of focusing on the majors that pay the most, maybe we should ask why some of the most important professions, like teaching and counseling, aren’t valued more in our economy” – v.important question in #economics #society
  • CreatvEmergence: Natural Architecture – reconnecting to earth thru built environment – http://bit.ly/lxmGuV via @sheriherndon >great images…
  • tebbo: June 21 1973 – the day that changed my life. Blog post on Small is Beautiful. http://tinyurl.com/3bp9vy6 >recommend
  • hvaelama: Elements for constitution of human centric state http://bit.ly/klODQ6 there is a parallelism among biology, the web and political structure >arguments for a ‘Hippocratic oath for the internet’
  • vernaallee: RT @kbal11: A treatise on the value of connections & networks:  What Really Keeps Poor People Poor | JonBischke.com http://ow.ly/54OHe
  • jdevoo: Network dynamics: Climate, food and the connectivity paradox http://j.mp/jeZrcK via @OurWorld20

And, for those who don’t like categories, the items that refuse to fit in anyone else’s categories:

  • Bebela239: RT @HarvardBiz: The Only Way to Get Important Things Done http://s.hbr.org/lOsHb0
  • joemckendrick: RT @CNETNews NASA picks Orion-type capsule for deep space missions http://cnet.co/jN5Vio <Revives Apollo capsule concept. Let’s go to Mars!
  • ironick: OMFG IT WORKS! go 2 ANY Wikipedia art., click 1st link (not pronunciation, etc.). Repeat. You always get to Philosophy! http://bit.ly/kJWZ1E // wow. the wikipedia “get to philosophy game” meme is almost exactly 3 years old. 1st posted on wikipedia 05/26/2008. http://bit.ly/lOdzL0
  • oscarberg: “Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws.” #towelday
  • vernaallee: Thanks to @jhagel for pointing to this amazing innovative architecture from Thomas Heatherwick http://on.ted.com/9HF0
  • davidriveroll: RT @smashingmag: Chatbox: free Mac app for project collaboration inside Dropbox – http://chatboxapp.com #useful
  • Bebela239: RT @JohnGallant1: Computer de-evolution: Features that lost the evolutionary war @itworld http://bit.ly/jL84PL
  • Skype: Technical instructions to fix the current Skype issue affecting a small number of users – easier solution coming soon! http://bit.ly/iLbgpy
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