In Portugal

Currently attempting a holiday in Portugal – which for me, of course, means taking the computer with me so as to try to break free of writer’s block’ on the current books!

Still, I am managing to take some time to play tourist. Or sort-of. Yesterday I took about a hundred photos of a megalithic site at Portela de Meizo, near the northern border with Spain; will attempt to upload one or two in the next few days. And today in Braganza, up in the north-east corner of the country, some drawings, including one of an Iron Age stone sculpture of a boar that’s literally been skewered by a ‘pelourinho’ crucifix – it’s up in the citadel, if anyone wants to go hunting for it. (There’s a larger boar-sculpture, still almost intact, in the small town of Murca, about halfway between here and Vila Real, straight to the west. Took some photos of that one on my last trip here a couple of years ago.)

Tomorrow a dowsing-related workshop in the small town of Vila Nova de Foz Coa – don’t yet know what I’m supposed to be doing, as they only told me about this afternoon, and it starts at 9am tomorrow! Watch This Space again, I guess?

More later, anyways – this pilgrim must head bedwards to rest his tired self and soul for an early start in the morning… 🙂

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